Welcome to Buzos Playa Del Carmen


Our History

In 2015 , we decided to open up our horizon, to take the taste from Acapulco and share it with others states of México, with Quintana Roo our first target. Where we are having a good acceptance with our restaurants in Cancún and Playa del Carmen



Our Mission

Share with our customers the best taste of seafood dishes from the state of Guerrero, a variety of drinks with the right prices and an excellent attention in the service.





Being recognized like one of the best restaurants of seafood in Mexico, expanding our brand to other touristic destinations in the medium term.


Restaurant Values

 Honesty: Being professional and personal with our work.

 Responsibility: With the fulfillment of our services.

 Respect: To our customers, colleagues and collaborators.

 Fellowship: Have a good relationship with our colleagues and be a united work team.

 Empathy: Think and take our actions seeking the satisfaction of our customers, doing the things as we wish was made for us.

 Passion: Prepare our dishes with the pursuit of our own satisfaction and of our customers, looking for an excellent quality.  Proud ambassadors of our Brand.


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