TERMS & Conditions

TERMS & Conditions

14 day Cooling-off notice.  Full unconditional refund, no-questions asked, if you choose to cancel your contract within 14 days.

Please note; as far as we are aware, there is NOTHING else like this on the market.  You have found a true unicorn here.



What you will be able to access today (depending on your package choice);

  1. Unique Landing page especially for your business, plus easy to type short URL eg. 
  2. Add your website & Social Media URLs, plus 'Click to Call' and WhatsApp chat button, and Google map.
  3. Unique QR code to add to your marketing (Table Tent, Flyer, Social Media etc.)
  4. e-Loyalty card unique to each visitor, that will encourage repeat custom. With your Brand.
    - Note: You may change the reward, staff password or number of points required;
    once per month at no additional charge, or be more frequent than one update per month for a small admin charge of $25)
  5. Coupon offers to attract new visitors (ability to change once per month)
    - Note: you may add more coupons, or be more frequent than one update per month for a small admin charge of $25)
  6. Push Notifications - one push notification per week to your list.
    - Note: you may add more Push Notifications, or be more frequent than one update per week for a small admin charge of $25)
  7. Mobile-First technology, with Google prioritised SEO, specifically for your mobile visitors.
  8. Google Maps for mobile users. No excuses for not finding your location.
  9. "Click-to-Call", WhatsApp, Skype, send email, Social Media etc only one click to connect.
  10. Scratch card - to add some fun that your customers will enjoy (we suggest you keep it simple and their winning prize could simply be one electronic 'stamp' on their eLoyalty Card).
  11. Unique Review facility - ensure only your top ratings are shared on all of the major platforms.
  12. Gift Cards, plus powerful unique strategy to add cashflow to your business immediately.
  13. Communities - bring your loyal followers away from Facebook and onto your own channels
  14. Reserve a Table - allows you take control over your bookings and additional staff/resources that may need to be brought in.
  15. Menus and Food Ordering - Display your menu within your own app, plus Full control over taking payment immediately if desired.


 Push Notifications are disabled


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